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Le Nuvole


Prosciutto, egg, chicken (Ex: spicy miso glazed chicken wings).

Perfect with fresh appetizer like melon & prosciutto...try to pair it with the prosciutto di San Daniele if you the occasion, you'll not regret it.


Alc. 12,5 % by vol.

A fresh and fruity wine for the summer.
Made by 100% Merlot grapes , white vinification and bottled under vacuum to maintain all the freshness and the smell of flowers that makes this kind of wines perfect for summer aperitives.

For us, rosé makes us think of summertime.  It's best-served chilled, and is often more refreshing than a big red wine on a hot summer day.  Not surprisingly, some cuisines that work best of all with rose are the warm-climate cuisines.

Corked with composite DIAM corks.

Serve at 12° C.

(10.000 bottles produced)

Seafood and fish dishes from anchovies to grilled tuna to grilled shrimp and poached cold or even grilled salmon work extremely well with creamy textured rosé wines (Ex: shrimp, avocado, and roasted corn salad, crispy fish tacos with jalapeño sauce, baked halibut with olives, asparagus, and potatoes).

Some cheeses go better with white wine, some with red; yet almost all pair well with dry rosé, which has the acidity of white wine and the fruit character of red.

Ex: goat cheese, blue cheese, roasted cauliflower grilled Cheese

Salads and Cold Vegetables Try rosé with salad Nicoise or cold grilled vegetables including asparagus.

Ex: pizza, pasta with tomato and basil , fried cauliflower with whipped feta , thai quinoa salad , creamy corn gazpacho , balsamic watermelon feta salad, mediterranean loaded veggie sandwich

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