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In Friuli is often served with the area’s nutty-tasting San Daniele prosciutto.

It's pairs beautifully with shrimp, scallops, fish. Try a thai-style shrimp stir fry with chilis and peppers. Friulano balances nicely with shellfish, and the round acidity will give a great contrasting bite to spicy peppers.


Alc. 13 % by vol.

The whole berries are pressed gently in a pneumatic press. After a first racking, the must is transferred to temperature-controlled fermentation still vats. The wine stayed on the lees for his all life before bottling.

It is absolutely our most famous white wine.

Clarification of the musts made with a new “state of the art” flowtation bio-system. Bottled under vacuum.

Pale straw with greenish tints and a characteristic note of bitter almonds on the nose. Delicate and refined, soft and round (with slightly lower acidity than the other whites in the range).

Corked with composite DIAM corks.

serve at 12° C.

(30.000 bottles produced)

Cheeses like Montasio, often used to make the lacy frico pancake ; goat cheese.

Friulano pairs incredibly well with chilis, peppers and other lightly spicy flavours.

But also with more difficult food pairings such as artichokes and asparagus, white or green. You should also try pairing it with few little snacks like unsalted almonds

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