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The obvious one. Especially slightly fattier steaks like ribeye and sirloin, served rare to medium. Beef short ribs and other braised beef dishes. Slow-braised beef - or venison - can be great especially when cooked in red wine. Fashionable ox cheek dishes are a good pairing but even a chilli con carne is a good match for a jammy cabernet.

Roast or grilled lamb: A butterflied leg of lamb or a lamb steak with rosemary is always a winner. Add a gratin dauphinoise on the side and you're in clover.

Cabernet is a good all-rounder for a cheeseboard especially with hard cheeses such as an aged cheddar or gouda.

Blue cheeses like Gorgonzola work well too especially in combination with a steak or a burger. A side of cheesy polenta will also help show off a good cab.


Alc. 13 % by vol


Once the grapes have been separated from the stems , the cool temperature maceration / fermentation phase is completed within around 10 days. The wine is left to settle after the pressing process, then it is racked into stainless steel tanks where it goes through the natural process of malolactic fermentation, which is the conversion of harsher Malic acid to a softer Lactic acid.

The presence of Lactic acid promotes a subtle rounder wine that is pleasantly mellow and less abrasive to the palate.

It is a 50% CABERNET FRANC and 50% CABERNET SAUVIGNON vine-bland.

This intense ruby red wine, has soft tannins and good acidity with a pleasant fruity flawour when it is new, that becomes richer, more intense and refined, through aging.

Corked with composite DIAM corks.

Serve at 18° C.

(15.000 bottles produced)

Portabello mushrooms

If you’re not a meat-eater, a big juicy grilled Portabello mushroom (or two) with butter and garlic is a great pairing. The intense flavour of dried porcini mushrooms will also make a cab shine. Bitter-edged veggies like broccoli rabe, grilled radicchio and roasted brussel sprouts are real winners. Also find the more pungent, piney herbs like rosemary basil and thyme really work well to pull out the cedar/eucalyptus elements in these wines

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