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Ex: Pasta dishes with tomato-based sauces, especially with pancetta/bacon or mushrooms,
Grilled chicken, Italian-style sausages with fennel, spaghetti and meatballs,
baked pasta dishes such as lasagne and similar veggie bakes, bean dishes with smoked ham or chorizo, Chinese style crispy duck pancakes, braised short ribs,  pork or rabbit. Grilled chops - veal, pork or lamb - especially with herbs such as thyme, rosemary and oregano. Perfect with a rear tender steak, especially in a red wine sauce, beef Wellington, roast rack or leg of lamb, served pink and guinea fowl.


Alc. 13 % by vol.

Once the grapes have been separated from the stems , the cool temperature maceration / fermentation phase is completed within around 10 days. The wine is left to settle after the pressing process, then it is racked into stainless steel tanks where it goes through the natural process of malolactic fermentation, which is the conversion of harsher Malic acid to a softer Lactic acid. The presence of Lactic acid promotes a subtle rounder wine that is pleasantly mellow and less abrasive to the palate.

A bright, pretty shade of attention grabbing ruby intensity. The pallet is puréed raspberries and strawberries with a clean and youthful lengthy finish.
Slightly vegetal both on the nose and the palate when young , but capable of a long ageing and a development of a rich bouquet.

Corked with composite DIAM corks.

Serve at 18° C.

(30.000 bottles produced)

Ex: Asiago, Emmental/Swiss, Harvarti, 

Parmesan – extra-hard cow’s milk cheese. Real Parmesan cheese is either Parmigiano-Reggiano or Grana Padano cheese.

Provolone,  Smoked Cheddar

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