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Just Me

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Beef, Lamb and Veal. Meat dishes pair beautifully with Just Me, especially those in the more traditional style. Try it with grilled steaks, rustic stews, wild boar, venison, goat goulash, braised beef short-ribs, and pot roast of beef braised in it. 

Poultry and Game like Pappardelle alla Lepre (wide ribbon pasta with rabbit).

Duck and our Merlot pair very well together. The traditional Venetian first course Bigoli con l'Anatra (fresh pasta with duck sauce) is a winner. Ostrich and pheasant, or foie gras combined with a fruity sauce. Also, try spiced chicken teriyaki.


Alc. 14 % by vol.

Hand Harvested !!

This project started in 2003 , after selecting a particular vineyard we decided to make a severe choice of its “low production” Merlot grapes .The harvest has always been made very late and than the grapes are partially dried on racks for 1 month .

Once the grapes have been separated from the stems , the cool temperature maceration / fermentation phase is completed within around 15 days. The wine is left to settle after the pressing process, then it is racked into stainless steel tanks where it goes through the natural process of malolactic fermentation, which is the conversion of harsher Malic acid to a softer Lactic acid. The presence of Lactic acid promotes a subtle rounder wine that is pleasantly mellow and less abrasive to the palate.

The wine is drawn off the lees and then aged for 18 months in small american oak barrels.

By far our best red, complex and fat but juicy like always. Perfect for a long , loooong ageing !

Corked with special “long aging” composite DIAM corks and packaged in wood cases of 6 bottles.

750 ml and 1500 ml bottles choice.

Serve at 21° C. before … the end of your life !

(10.000 bottles produced)

Mature and robust tasting cheeses and cheese and fruit pair well. Try Parmigiano Reggiano, Cimbro, Monte Veronese Ubriaco, and Pecorino Vecchio. Also, try aged Gouda and blue cheeses like Gorgonzola, Stilton, Roquefort and Danish Blue.

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